Viewing a Customer's details

Updated on 04th April 2022 in Customers
  1. From your Shoprocket dashboard, go to Customers:

    Here you will see a filterable, searchable, paginated list of Customers with the following options available from the action dropdown menu:

    • View
    • Edit
    • Delete


  2. Select View to see the View Customer page with the following features:

Order history

A sortable (click the column headers), searchable, paginated list of items purchased by the Customer is shown.


Each row shows:

  • Amount - in the default currency. 
    Please note, we will always charge for Orders in your default currency, additional currencies will show real-time conversion rates for display purposes only.
  • Payment Status
  • Fulfillment Status
  • Order ID
  • Date - when the Order was placed.

Each row can be clicked to see the Order details.

Customer History

A timeline of the Customer's Orders and admin notes.


A note can be added to the History by filling in the form field and pressing Post, here "Make sure to follow up" is the latest note.

Customer Summary

The Customer's details at a glance:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Telephone number
  • Whether they have opted into Marketing
  • When the Customer was created


The Customer's details can be modified on the Edit Customer screen as detailed here.

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