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Updated on 04th April 2022 in Products

This page describes how to manually create a new Product, see here for how to import a list from a spreadsheet.

From your Shoprocket dashboard, go to Products > All and click Add Product in the top right


Adding General Information

Complete the following fields:

  • Product Name - the Product display name.
  • Slug/URL - the URL shown when sharing the Product, or when the Product is open in your store. This is automatically generated but you can set your own.
  • Price - the Product base price (can be modified by options, variations and promotions). Currency is set in this settings screen.
  • Original Price - show the original RRP if you're selling at a lower price or display discounts off your regular prices. This price will show with a line through, next to your Product price.
  • Categories - used to sort your Products.
  • Summary - the summary is usually shown with the name in Product lists, as well as in the 'view Product' popup modal (Plain text only).
  • Description - the full detailed description of your Product (HTML supported). We suggest using Tabs instead for non Product specific info, like shipping & returns policies.

Add Product screen

Once finished, click Save & Continue.

Once you've saved your Product, you'll now see extra features become active at the top:

All new Products & Product edits will be published immediately to your sales channel: to hide a Product, use the Status switch in the top right to disable it as described here.

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