How to add digital downloads to Product Variations

Updated on 30th April 2022 in Products

Sometimes, you may want to attach Digital Downloads to specific Product Variations, not just the Product itself. For example, if you sell stock photos, you may want to sell different formats or quality. Now, with Shoprocket, you can set up those variations and attach unique files to each one.

To attach a digital download to a product variation:

  1. Ensure you have uploaded your Digital Downloads into the Product, and that you have some Product Variations set up
  2. Navigate to the Variations tab within your Edit Product view
  3. Scroll down to Variation Status & Stock then click the Attachment Icon in the Files column
  4. In the new pop-up, select the File(s) you'd like to attach to the Product Variation
  5. Click save

The Digital Downloads will now appear in your product via your store, the files included will be displayed once the customer chooses a variation.  

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