How to enable more payment methods with Stripe

Updated on 05th April 2022 in Payments

Only payment methods that support the currency and configuration of the payment will be shown at checkout, see Stripe's guide for more details and to learn about usage requirements and restrictionsOnce you have connected your Stripe account, your customers will instantly be able to checkout and pay via Stripe using credit/debit cards, Apple pay & Google Pay when they're available. 

In order to accept different payment methods, (such as Alipay, Klarna, iDEAL, SEPA etc.) you need to first enable them via your Stripe account.

You can find the full list of supported methods in Stripe here:

Steps to activate more payment methods:

  1. Ensure you have connected your Stripe account with Shoprocket 
  2. Login to your Stripe account and head to settings->payment methods:
  3. From there, choose "Shoprocket" from the "Select your platform" dropdown, then enable/disable the methods that show below, as needed

Once you've enabled your preferred payment methods, head back to your Shoprocket Store, add an item to your cart then proceed to the Stripe payment page, you should see the newly enabled payment methods

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