Does Shoprocket have an app?

Updated on 07th December 2023 in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Shoprocket offers a convenient desktop application for both Windows and Mac users, ensuring you stay connected and updated with your e-commerce activities. Our application is designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily workflow, providing key insights and notifications directly on your desktop.

Key Features of the Shoprocket Desktop App:

  1. Background Operation: The app runs discreetly in the background, so it doesn't disrupt your work. You can focus on your tasks while staying informed about your e-commerce activities.

  2. Total Revenue Ticker: For Mac users, the app adds a handy "total revenue" ticker to your taskbar. This feature keeps you updated with your real-time revenue figures at a glance.

  3. Instant Desktop Notifications: Receive immediate notifications on your desktop whenever a new order is placed. This feature ensures you're always informed about your business's sales activities.

  4. Comprehensive Sales Insights: The app presents a detailed chart showing your total sales and revenue. Additionally, it provides key metrics such as:

    • Total Revenue
    • Total Orders
    • Total Visitors
    • Abandoned Order Value
  5. Recent Orders Overview: View the most recent orders, including essential details like order total, date, and customer email. With just a click, you can open the dashboard to view the specific order, enhancing your efficiency in order management.

Mobile Accessibility:

While we don’t have a dedicated mobile app yet, our website and dashboard are fully mobile-friendly. You can manage your e-commerce activities on the go, accessing all the essential features and functionalities from your mobile device.

Downloading the App:

Getting the Shoprocket desktop app is straightforward. Simply log in to your dashboard, and you'll find the download link in the left-hand sidebar.

Experience a more integrated and efficient way of managing your e-commerce business with the Shoprocket desktop app. Stay informed, stay connected!

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