Add Product variations

Updated on 14th April 2022 in Products

Variations are ideal if your Product comes in multiple styles such as "small, medium, large" and you want to track stock on those variants, or have different prices per style. You can also assign an image to each variant, which will show automatically in your store when a user selects the variant.

Enter your Variation Name, then the Variation Values, and click Update Variations and we'll generate all the Products variations for you automatically as shown below:


Each Variation can have the following individually set:

  • Status - If the Product is available to buy.
  • Image - The image to show in the Store.
  • Variation Combination (SKU) - Set the Product Stock Keeping Unit
  • Price
  • Weight
  • Stock Available - Tick the "Unlimited" box if you do not want to limit this.

Once all changes made, click UPDATE COMBINATIONS button.

To add another variation, click Add another button.

Each Variation can be edited or removed using the bin/trashcan icon on the right.

Currency and weight units can be configured in your store settings.

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