Refunding a Customer's Order

Updated on 08th April 2022 in Payments

Refunds can be refunded directly from your Shoprocket dashboard, either partially or in full.

  1. From your Shoprocket dashboard, go to Settings > Orders > All

Here you will see a filterable, searchable, paginated list of Orders with the following options available from the action dropdown menu:

  • View
  • Refund - if the Customer has paid already and the gateway supports refunds via Shoprocket
  • Delete


  1. Select Refund from the action dropdown menu on the Order.

  2. In the refund modal, enter the amount you'd like to refund and select a reason for the refund, then click Issue Refund.


Once refunded, the order will be updated to reflect the change, and the refund will be logged in the order history. 

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