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Updated on 02nd June 2022 in Existing Websites

Webflow is incredibly powerful for designing and building websites and apps, but their ecommerce tools are intended for entry-level sellers. For anything more extensive, you'll need to use a 3rd party solution.

With Shoprocket, you can embed full ecommerce (with shopping cart and checkout included as standard) in a matter of minutes. 

How to add ecommerce to Webflow: 

Once you've signed up to Webflow, you can log in to your Shoprocket dashboard and head to Sales channels - existing website, where you can customise your embed using our UI, and specify which product or products to embed. 

Once you've finished configuring your embed, copy the provided code. 

Next, head back to your Webflow editor, and from within the "Add Elements (A)" menu, scroll down to the "Components" section and click "Embed".

 Paste our code in, publish your Webflow site, and you should see your Shoprocket store, ready to go! 

Try the demo Webflow store: https://shoprocket-demo.webflow.io/

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