Can I Create Multiple Stores or Shops with Shoprocket

Updated on 24th June 2023 in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Shoprocket's flexible platform allows you to manage multiple stores or shops from a single account. This is ideal for sellers who want to differentiate their products across various storefronts, or agencies and developers creating and managing shops for multiple clients.

The Benefits of Multiple Stores

There are several advantages to this approach:

  1. Separation: Each store can be catered to a specific market or type of product, enabling a more targeted approach.
  2. Access Control: You can invite team members on a per-store basis. This is perfect for agencies and developers creating stores for clients, as you can grant clients access to their respective stores, ensuring they only have access to their own store's data and settings.
  3. Subscription Flexibility: Each store requires its own subscription, but they can each be on different plans, allowing you to choose the right features and price point for each store.

Creating a New Store

Here are the steps to create a new store:

Step 1: Navigate to Your Dashboard

Once logged into your Shoprocket dashboard, locate your store name in the top-left corner of the screen. Click on your store name, and a dropdown menu will appear.

Step 2: Create a New Store

In the dropdown menu, click "Create New Store." You'll then follow the setup steps to configure your new store.

Step 3: Switch Between Stores

Once your new store is set up, you can easily switch between your stores by clicking the store name in the top left of your dashboard at any time. This makes managing multiple storefronts simple and efficient.

With Shoprocket, it's easy to create and manage multiple online storefronts from a single account. This provides a versatile platform for sellers, agencies, and developers, giving them the flexibility to cater to a range of different markets and clients.

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