June 2021

Updated on 01st June 2021 in News & Updates

What's New In Shoprocket 2.0

Here's a recap of what we've been up to in June  

In This Edition:

Product description tabs

Manual payment options & custom labels

Dynamic, shareable URLs

Private product notes & custom product email instructions

API documentation

Store of the month

Product Description Tabs

Product tabs allow you to add further details to your products in an easy to digest manner, that render automatically in your page.

Displaying delivery & return policies and extra product information is a great way to help increase your sales, it's something we've had a lot of requests for!

It's live and available now in your dashboard, just head over to your products, click on edit, then look for the "Tabs" menu option.


Manual Payment Options & Custom Labels

Aside from Stripe & PayPal, you can now create your own checkout options, such as cash on delivery, pay by cheque, invoice etc.

You can also set your own names for each gateway, such as "Credit/Debit Card" instead of "Stripe"

We've also added an extra cart summary section to the payment option page at checkout, to make ordering even smoother. Less clicks! ?

Dynamic, Shareable URLs

We've just deployed a quick update that makes life much easier for sharing product results. 

When a user performs a search in your store, uses the pagination, filter or options, we update the page URL to allow them to share the current results with others, either online in social media posts, or sending directly to friends.


Private Product Notes & Custom Product Email Instructions

Sometimes you want to leave internal notes or memos on a product that only your team can see, so we've added a new section to the edit product view called "other".

In here, you'll find a text field for internal notes, plus another text field for email instructions that will be sent to your customer on a per product basis.


API Documentation

We've finally found some time to publish our API documentation.

At the moment it primarily covers API calls for partners to create stores and sub stores, but we'll be adding to this over time to allow developers and platforms to build new & exciting integrations with Shoprocket.


Site Of The Month

To showcase the many possibilities with Shoprocket, we're presenting our favourite store each month.

This month it's Steez Clothing, who have combined our buy buttons with a full page carousel of their products, something we haven't seen before!



What's Next?

Have a suggestion or request?

Drop me a reply and let me know, we'll add it to our roadmap for July.

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