How to Pause Your Shoprocket Subscription

Updated on 06th December 2023 in Your Stores


At Shoprocket, we understand that flexibility is key to managing your online store. That's why we've made it simple to pause your store's subscription at any time. This guide will walk you through the steps to pause your subscription. Remember, Shoprocket billing is on a per-store basis, and pausing affects the store's ability to process live orders.

When you "Pause" your subscription, your store will automatically be switched to "Test mode" - once you "Resume" your subscription you will need to manually switch your store back to Live mode when ready.

Steps to Pause Your Subscription

  1. Accessing Subscription Management:

    • Log in to your Shoprocket dashboard.
    • Navigate to 'Settings' and then to 'Billing'.
    • In the billing section, click on 'Manage Subscription'. This will take you to the billing portal.
  2. Pausing Your Subscription:

    • In the billing portal, look for the 'Cancel Plan' option.
    • Clicking on 'Cancel Plan' will direct you to the 'Cancel or Pause Your Plan' page.
  3. Choosing to Pause:

    • You will be presented with two options: 'Cancel Subscription' and 'Pause Subscription'.
    • Select 'Pause Subscription'.
    • While paused, your plan will not incur charges, and you can resume it at any time.
    • Optionally, you can set an auto-resume date for your subscription, ranging from 1 to 12 months.
  4. Store Operation During Pause:

    • While your subscription is paused, your store will only operate in 'test mode'. This means it cannot process live orders.
    • You can test and make changes to your store, but live transaction functionality will be disabled.
  5. Resuming Your Subscription:

    • If you decide to resume your subscription, simply return to the billing portal.
    • Choose to resume your plan, and your store will be able to switch back to live mode. (You must manually switch your store mode via the dashboard)
    • Resuming your subscription restores all functionalities, allowing your store to process live orders again.


Pausing your Shoprocket subscription offers flexibility and control over your store's operational costs. Whether it's a seasonal change, a strategic business decision, or any other reason, you have the freedom to pause and resume your store's subscription as needed. Just remember, while paused, your store remains functional in test mode, ready to go live again whenever you are.

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